Support the Medical/Dental Missions and Project HOPE

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Jan 13, 2015. – We are so happy to announce the Philippine American Cultural Foundation’s 2015 humanitarian missions in the Philippines. This year, PACF is partnering with the Samasama Project and the Illinois Philippine Recovery Operations (IL-PRO)  in support of their medical and dental missions headed by Project Directors Doctor Ariel Tolentino, Baron and Louella Cabalona. The dates and areas of services are – Jan 28 in Bukidnon, Feb 1 in Lipa, Batangas, Feb 3 in Paluan, Occidental Minodro and February 20-22 in Devils Mountain, Alaminos, San Jose, Mindoro. Click here to view the full schedule of the mission.

PACF will also be supporting the Watts of Love organization founded and headed by 2014 Fil-Am Hall of Famer Nancy Economou. Next month, Nancy and her brother Kevin Kuster, Watts of Love’s Creative Director and photographer, will be returning to the Philippines with a travel team of compassionate and concerned supporters who are taking part in the organization’s first-ever group distribution trip to Ilin Island in Occidental Mindoro, just South of San Jose, deemed Project HOPE  (Health, Opportunity, Power and Education) – Project HOPE Handout. Once there, the Project HOPE team will distribute 1,000 solar LED lanterns, which allow recipients to charge small electronic devices like cell phones, tablets and radios, enabling them to begin their own solar micro-business charging others’ devices for a profit. They will also be carrying headlamps onto the island to distribute to midwives and school teachers and training each recipient individually as to the proper operation and maintenance of their units.   The team will be delivering light, love and HOPE to this region of the Philippines from Feb. 13-23, 2015, with plans to distribute solar lanterns to locals living in what is widely considered to be a dumpsite for waste outside of Manila. They will also reach locals living in the remote Devil’s Mountain region of Mindoro, commonly referred to as “Mangyan” villages, where they will be joined by the PACF, Samasama Project and the IL-PRO volunteers.


On behalf of the PACF Family, we extend our very best wishes for a Happy New Year to all! Let us continue to promote and share our rich Filipino cultural heritage and traditions in America, so our children, grandkids and future generations will remain proud of their Filipino cultural identity and heritage as Filipino Americans.
Founded in 1996 as a Not-For-Profit tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization, PACF is highly dependent on the goodwill and generosity of its supporters, its volunteers and friends like you. We need your assistance in our fundraising activities to promote our Filipino culture to Filipinos and Non-Filipinos in Illinois thru music, dance & exhibits;  sponsor our youth PACF Performing Arts Group;  co-sponsor cultural projects such as Philippine Fests (Piyesta Pinoy) in Bolingbrook & Navy Pier locations; recognize FAHM Outstanding Filipino American Seniors;  showcase the Philippines in Asian & International Fest;  expand its educational/cultural/social services programs and intensify its humanitarian efforts; collaborate with various cultural groups and community organizations in several cultural and humanitarian projects.
Your participation and support are always valuable and critical to the survival of PACF and its programs. Your help in any capacity is greatly appreciated. To donate to PACF and to get more information on Piyesta Pinoy, the humanitarian missions  and all other PACF events and to join next year’s Piyesta Pinoy celebration, please visit the newly designed Philippine American Cultural Foundation website –